"Syrian airlines" is the only local airlines in Syria. It was established in 1946 and it's still maintaining its old log "Syrian airlines mean safety". It provides two travel classes on most of its plains; the Economy Class and the Business Class.


Boeing 747SP

Boeing 727

Airbus A320

The Syrian Airlines domestic flights are available as a several flights a day between the four airports (Damascus, Aleppo, Latakieh and Qamishli). Around 20 domestic flights between Damascus and Aleppo international airports, 15 flights between Damascus and Latakieh international Airports and vise versa, about the costs so it is as the following:

Damascus - Aleppo

Economy Business
1190 SYP 1560 SYP

Damascus - Latakieh

Economy Business
800 SYP 930 SYP

Damascus - Qamishli

Economy Business
1300 SYP 1510 SYP

The prices above is for one way flights in Syrian pounds for Business and economy classes, for round trip flights just make it double. For more information or help just call the Syrian Airlines main offices that’s shown below with it's addresses and information:

Damascus Main office:

Address: Al Hijaz ST.
Airport Phone: +963 11 169
P. O. Box: 417
Tel: +963 11 2450098

Aleppo Main office:

Address: Saad al-Jabri Square, al-Azbakia Building
Airport Phone: +963 21 169
Tel: +963 21 2282838
Fax: +963 21 2234790

Latakieh Main office:

Address: 08th of March ST.
Airport Phone: +963 41 833513
Tel: +963 41 476100
Fax: +963 41 2470170

Qamishli Main office:

Address: City Center – Al Wahdeh ST.
Airport Phone: +963 52 420330
Tel: +963 52 420714
Fax: +963 52 420713